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The Based Book Sale

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Four times a year, indie and small press authors band together for a special sale. For one week, we all price some of our best books at only $0.99 or free, and we mutually promote the sale to our readers, fans, mailing lists, and social media followers. Our upcoming sales?

Spring Sale: 12:00AM PDT Wednesday March 27, 2024 through 12:00AM PDT Wednesday April 3, 2024. Authors, signup here.

LibertyCon Sale: 12:00AM PST Wednesday June 19, 2024 through 12:00AM PST Wednesday June 26, 2024

BasedCon Sale: 12:00AM PST Wednesday September 4, 2024 through 12:00AM PST Wednesday September 11, 2024

Based Black Friday Sale: 12:00AM PDT Wednesday November 27, 2024 through 12:00AM PDT Wednesday December 4, 2024

Also, many authors have a title or two permanently priced at $0.99 or free, so the Based Book Sale Substack will also offer an everyday “Based Book Bargains” Sale. Authors, signup here.

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