March of the Dead: Mountain Warriors Book 3

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March of the Dead: Mountain Warriors Book 3

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By: R.J. Burle

Just when Eric thought he was proving himself to the Mountain Warriors and getting as comfortable as a person can hope for after only a week in the monster ridden Forbidden Zone, an unexpected attack from a neighboring tribe sparked by a new terror of remote controlled zombies, leaves Eric confused about where his loyalties lie.

With little time to ponder it, Eric heads into battle with The Mountain Warriors against an evil scientist and his disturbing breed of undead army. To make matters worse, Eric discovers that Tommy, his "friend" on the outside, has access to all Eric's audio and video and has used it to make a T.V. reality show complete with a cheesy jingle. The Mountain Warriors are famous and not too happy about it. The Specter, the vampires, the zombies, and the evil scientists all want Eric dead, and now his own tribe might also. His only supporter might be Abigail, the vampire ordered to turn him or die if she doesn't. This may be Eric's worst spot yet. ... tkin_p1_i2
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